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[   ]AnheierEtAl_1995_Forms of Capital and Social Structure in Cultural Fields Examining Bourdieu's Social Topography.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 2.7M 
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[   ]Bowman_2010_Sen and Bourdieu Understanding Inequality.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 142K 
[   ]BrooksWaters_2010_Social Networks and Educational Mobility The Experiences of UK students.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 114K 
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[   ]Curtis_2015_Social Mobility and Class Identity The Role of Economic Conditions in 33 Societies.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 238K 
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[   ]GanzeboomTreiman_2007_Ascription and Achievement in Occupational Attainment in Comparative Perspective.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 192K 
[   ]GaoLiu_2015_Mining Human Mobility in Location-Based Social Networks.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 2.6M 
[   ]Goldthorpe_2012_Understanding Ė and Misunderstanding - Social MObility in Britain The Entry of the Economists the Confusion of Politicians an the Limits of Educational Policy.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 493K 
[   ]GrenfellJames_1998_Bourdieu and Education Acts of Practical Theory.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 3.6M 
[   ]Grenfell_2008_Pierre Bourdieu Key Concepts.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.5M 
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[   ]Hahn_2016_The Risk of Downward Mobility in Educational Attainment Children of Higher-Educated Parents in Germany.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 4.4M 
[   ]HavemanSmeeding_2007_The Role of Higher Education in Social Mobility.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 148K 
[   ]Hoffman_2003_International Classification of Status in Employment ICSE-93.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 694K 
[   ]Hoffman_2003_International Statistical Comparisons of Occupational and Social Structures Problems POssibilities and the Role of ISCO-88.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.2M 
[   ]Hoffmeyer-ZlotnikWolf_2003_Advances in Cross-National Comparison A European WOrking Book for Demographic and Socio-Economic Variables.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 16M 
[   ]ISCED 2011 Operating Manual.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 3.2M 
[   ]ISCED 2011 UNESCO.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.1M 
[   ]ISCED_2011_International Standard Classification of Education ISCED 2011.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.1M 
[   ]ISCED_2011_Operational Manual Guidelines for Classifying National Education Programmes and Related Qualifications.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 3.2M 
[   ]ISCO 2008.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 3.6M 
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[   ]Martin_2009_Quantifying Social Class A Latent Clustering Approach.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.4M 
[   ]Martin_2010_Social Class and Elite University Education A Bourdieusian Analysis PhD.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.9M 
[   ]Nash_1990_Bourdieu on Education and Social and Cultural Reproduction.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 401K 
[   ]PayneAbbott_2005_The Social Mobility of Women Beyond Male Mobility Models.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.4M 
[   ]Saunders_2010_Social Mobility Myths.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.4M 
[   ]Sawinski_2013_The International Standard Classification of Education.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 487K 
[   ]Sullivan_2002_Bourdieu and Education How useful is Bourdieu's theory for researches.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.4M 
[   ]Svallfors_2005_Analyzing Inequality Life Chances and Social Mobility in Comparative Perspective.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 489K 
[   ]TreimanGanzeboom_2000_The Fourth Generation of Comparative Stratification Research.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 138K 
[   ]Tzanakis_2011_Bourdieuís Social Reproduction Thesis and The Role of Cultural Capital in Educational Attainment A Critical Review of Key Empirical Studies.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 260K 
[   ]Tzanakis_2013_Social capital in Bourdieu's, Colemanís and Putnamís theory empirical evidence and emergent measurement issues.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 290K 
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[   ]Wright_2002_Alternative Foundations of Class Analysis.pdf2017-03-21 23:06 1.1M 

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